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Now the Tour has finished..Download Latest Concerts !
The spring 2014 tour has finished..thanks tyo everyone who came for a sellout string of shows across Europe.

Download a high quality .mp3 recording of the concert. Downloads are 10 Euros for the whole concert. Email :heathernovashop@me.com for help

Live in London
Download Rubigen/Bern
Download Luzern
Download Baden
Download Schaffhausen
Download Munich
Download Solothurn
Download Konstanz  
Download Erlangen
Download Enschede 
Download Stuttgart
Download Heist op den Berg 
Download Genk
Download Beveren Download Cologne
Download Leuven Download Antwerp
Sint Nicklaas Download Mainz
Download Haarlem Download Eindhoven 
Download Zwolle Download Berlin 
Download Hamburg Download Breda
Download Leiden  Download Apeldoorn
Download Groningen Download Luxembourg
Download Delft Download Gouda
Download Heerlen  Download Tilburg

Some exciting news about my upcoming tour!
I am heading out on a European Tour starting Jan 30th. (For dates please see the tour page.) 
This show will be something really special as I am collaborating with renowned Italian painter, Alberto Di Fabio and the talented MediaMachine to create moving projections of Alberto's beautiful paintings. I have always been drawn to his work which is inspired by nature both in its microscopic form - many of his paintings are influenced by our cells and DNA, and it's most macro - the cosmos. I feel a strong emotional connection to his work which is abstract and non figurative, and speaks directly to Alberto's respect for nature and its mysteries.
So, I am excited to combine my music with his images and hope it will enable the audience to lose themselves in a sensual world of sound and visuals! For more on Alberto please go to www.albertodifabio.com

Another treat on this tour (for me and for you!) is that my dear brother, Mishka, will be opening for me on all dates from the 3rd through the 19th Feb. Mishka has focused his career in the US while I have been mainly in Europe, so this is the first chance we have had to tour together and I am thrilled to have this opportunity. He writes beautiful songs that are both deeply insightful and uplifting with a  reggae influenced style. HIs voice is extraordinary - soulful, powerful; and I hope to persuade him to sing a few songs with me. ;-) His recent album "The Journey" has topped the itunes reggae charts in N America and Europe. For more on Mishka go to www.mishka.com

I will also be debuting a few of my new songs on this tour and there will be some exclusive merchandise available, so.... lots to look forward to on this one. Hope to see you out there! 

I hope you all have a peaceful Holiday Season and I send you much love

an update from Heather
 Hello All

I enjoyed headlining the Boombal Festival in Belgium last weekend. Great hospitality from the festival and a warm and welcoming crowd - thanks! 

I look forward to playing the Baloise Festival in Basel, Swizterland on the 11th November, and will then begin preparing for a long European tour starting in late January (see tour section for dates)
Meanwhile I am putting the finishing touches to some songs I have been writing and hope to have some news of a release in the near future. 

I continue to support the wonderful David Lynch Foundation www.davidlynchfoundation.org and now host a radio show for them on www.transcendentalmusic.org in which I play my favourite records and interview other artists on creativity. 

On the home front - in October I will lead a creative workshop on board the "Spirit of Bermuda" to raise funds for the Bermuda Sloop foundation's fantastic youth program. www.bermudasloop.org

Happy end of summer to you all - 

Heather’s new single, “Save A Little Piece of Tomorrow” was released February 26th, and is now available on iTunes, in the U.S. and Canada.
This is the same edited version that went to Triple A radio in the states on Wednesday February 27th.
In conjunction with the new single, MTV is using music from Heather’s current "3OO Days..." album for various shows; including “Save A Little Piece of Tomorrow” and “Beautiful Ride” during two of the more recent season 2 episodes of their hugely rated "Snooki and JWOWW" series (e.g. last weeks “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” episode, as well as this weeks “Taking The Plunge” installment. Check local times for repeat airings.)
Heather on tour with Bryan Adams
Tonight Heather begins a string of European dates opening for Bryan Adams on his arena tour. She will also be playing some headline shows. 

 17.03.2012 - Zenith (w/Bryan Adams) - Paris, FR | BUY TICKETS NOW!
18.03.2012 - Vooruit - Gent, BE | BUY TICKETS NOW!
19.03.2012 - Ahoy (w/Bryan Adams) - Rotterdam, NL | BUY TICKETS NOW!
20.03.2012 - Sportpalais (w/Bryan Adams) - Antwerp, BE | BUY TICKETS NOW!
21.03.2012 - Lanxess Arena (w/Bryan Adams) - Cologne, DE | BUY TICKETS NOW!
23.03.2012 - Hallenstadion (w/Bryan Adams) - Zurich, CH | BUY TICKETS NOW!
24.03.2012 - Nuremberg Arena (w/Bryan Adams) - Nuremberg, DE | BUY TIC
25.03.2012 - Mezz - Breda, NL | BUY TICKETS NOW!
26.03.2012 - Metropool - Hengelo, NL | BUY TICKETS NOW!
28.03.2012 - Schleyerhalle (w/Bryan Adams) - Stuttgart, DE | BUY TICKETS NOW!
29.03.2012 - SAP Arena (w/Bryan Adams) - Mannheim, DE | BUY TICKETS NOW!
30.03.2012 - Olympiahalle (w/Bryan Adams) - Munich, DE | BUY TICKETS NOW!
01.04.2012 - Markthalle - Hamburg, DE | BUY TICKETS NOW!
02.04.2012 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, NL | BUY TICKETS NOW!

As the new year rolls around I want to thank you all for your support this year. The release of my latest album “300 Days at Sea” was a landmark for me; I was really happy with the album and excited to share it with all of you.  I enjoyed the gigs we played so much and appreciated the genuine warmth from the audiences. It is always such a positive reminder to me as to why I do this when I receive that kind of enthusiasm. The music at work….

And speaking of music at work, I wanted to tell you about my latest project which I call “Living Music”.

A few years ago a fan told me he had held his cell phone up to the p.a. for the duration of my concert so that his friend in hospital could hear the gig. That got me thinking about all the people who would love to hear some live music but were too ill to go out, and about the environment of hospitals and how music might contribute….

My feeling is that hospitals are places where people go to get well, but that often some of the elements needed to FEEL well on all levels are missing. The times I have been in them myself,  I have felt tense, stressed, and fearful. While the doctors and nurses are usually doing an excellent job,  the atmosphere itself – the lighting, the smells, the sounds – are functional but not therapeutic ; As it is my feeling that music can relax and stimulate the senses and emotions in a way that is beneficial to the whole person, then surely it can play a part in the overall healing and wellbeing of a patient even if it is in a small way.

So my idea was to bring live music to hospitals. When I am on tour the days are very busy but there is usually a little downtime. So now, in some of the cities I am playing, I stop in at a hospital and give an informal  acoustic gig. It is all done on a volunteer basis, no fees involved; all in the spirit of a simple sharing of music.

Even if all it does is give pleasure to someone and allow them half an hour’s respite from the stress of their situation I’m grateful for playing a part in that through music.

Thanks to Thomas  Hahn who has been so generous with his time in helping to set up and organize the gigs,  and to Arnulf Lindner who has accompanied me on the cello, and to Felix Tod who has helped with the sound set-up.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because my dream is to spread the idea to other artists and to see this become a normal part of a band’s touring schedule. The idea that music doesn’t belong only in a venue….. that we can take it to people where they need it.

For information on how to get involved please write to me at livingmusic@me.com

"Beautiful Ride" - second single!
"Beautiful Ride" is the second single from Heather Nova's latest album "300 Days At Sea".
The single will be release digitally and is already available in various digital outlets.

The single includes:

1. Beautiful Ride (Radio Edit)

2. Drive Away

3. Maybe Tomorrow

4. Ride           

5. Beautiful Ride

Amazon - Click here!
Itunes - Click here!
Spotify - Click here!

"300 Days At Sea" review on Muruch.com
Muruch has published a review of "300 Days At Sea" that we wanted to share:
Heather Nova: 300 Days At Sea

As a longtime (17 years and counting) Heather Nova fan, I expected to at least enjoy her new and eighth studio album, 300 Days at Sea. Especially after hearing the song “Save a Little Piece of Tomorrow,” which I first posted back in March. But after fully immersing myself in the album to the point of now singing along with these sparkling fresh songs, I’ve fallen in love with the album almost as intensely as Oyster (recently selected for Muruch’s Classic Albums Appreciation Club) and Siren. Recorded in Heather’s home on a small rocky island using only solar power, 300 Days at Sea reunites Heather with the original musicians and production team of those early albums.

Inspired by the wreck of the yacht Moon, Heather’s childhood home, on the reefs of Bermuda, 300 Days At Sea is full of oceanic imagery and seafaring metaphors. The atmospheric, anticipatory slow rise of the opener’s (“Beautiful Ride”) eventually soaring pop melody is indicative of the entire album’s feeling of ascension and grace.

Sprawling piano accompanies Heather’s radiant, husky vocals in the verses of “Higher Ground,” bursting into a memorable chorus that captures the radio friendly elegance of Surfacing-era Sarah McLachlan. The song is a tribute to those rescued by a relief organization after the 2004 Indonesia tsunami.

“Stop The Fire” quickens the tempo and churns the guitars with intermittent dramatic pauses, while Heather’s distant howls of “Fire!” subtly echo Oyster‘s “Throwing Fire at the Sun.”

“Do Something That Scares You” is really the only track I’m still uncertain of. As I’ve written here before, I usually find the singer-songwriter speak-sing gimmick irksome. However, Heather’s melodic execution of her spoken word poetry combined with the song’s swaying sonic waves hint at Patti Smith’s softer side. So, though my prejudice against the style prevents me from fully embracing the song, it is well done for what it is.

It’s the exquisite, unabashedly sentimental ballad “The Good Ship Moon” and the “Into The Mystic” vibe of “Turn The Compass Round” – both odes to Heather’s lost home – that are my personal favorite moments and are truly the heart of this extraordinary album.

Heather’s unusually gorgeous voice has always been the driving force in her songs, but her intricate layering of high energy pop-rock instrumentation with haunting folk melodies continues to put her music into a category of its own. 300 Days at Sea is sure to be on my best of the year list come December.

Find the original review here - click here
300 days at sea review from clash magazine
"... So Heather Nova’s eighth studio album is a phenomenon. She is one of the rare female rock artists who’s sustained a credible musical career over two decades and she’s proved that age is no limit to creativity. After commercial dead-weights of the expected acoustic album ‘Jasmine Flower’, Nova returns to the exuberant mysticism first outlined in Youth-produced ‘Oyster’ which catapulted her into the international arena in the ‘90s. Steering away from the pop anthems of ‘South’ and ‘Siren’, she clings to the more cragged tracks which give her 360 vocal range a change to prove age hasn’t withered it. Tracks like ‘Moon’ and ‘Turn the Compass Round’ tug at deeper waters and ‘Burning To Love’ and ‘I’d Rather Be’ strip down to the elementals before powering forwards over rugged wakes at full throttle..."

Read the full review here:

Heather Nova interview on Faceculture
A very interesting and personal interview with Heather Nova (21 minutes), made by Faceculture, about the new album and her biography, can be watched here:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJaG_cR2FnA
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbCL41MfjlU
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flB22u2F9XU
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8-e5h0PEcE